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Kubota Zero-Turn Mower Reviews Model: ZG222 / ZG227 / ZG327

The Kubota Zero Turn Mowers will provide you with a satisfying mowing experience because from the engine to the deck, these mowers are made to overcome hard work without exhausting the driver.

The gear system has hydrostatic transmission feature and it is very durable. You only need to change its fluid from time to time and no other maintenance is necessary. The PTO multi disk clutch has an internal brake system for providing extra safety. While driving over steep areas, you can use the hydraulic deck lift which is operated very easily by foot. To make the driver extra comfortable the seat has arm rests. Another feature of the Kubota Zero Turn mower which is also unique is that with the crank maintenance lift system in this mower, you can easily access the mower deck by separating it from the mower itself.

Customer reviews:

When I decided to change my lawn mower, I did some market research and found out that one of our neighbors has been using Kubota and was very satisfied with it. I have been using a Kubota tractor myself, I know the brand and I am very happy with it indeed. I know that there are a lot of very good lawn mower brands in the market but with my kind of budget, getting my zero turn Kubota mower was a real upgrade for me and it didn’t let me down since I bought it. It worth the money I spent.

In my garden I have a place with a kind of grass that gave a real hard time to my previous mowers. It is a type of grass that is difficult to cut but as Kubota’s cutting system is perfect, I never had difficulty with this area after I bought this mower. Its hydraulic PTO deck drive is very powerful and is doing a great job.

What I like the most about it is the fabricated deck which is much more durable than the pressed metal ones and also I found the idea of separating the deck from the mower is brilliant. I took a great deal of advantage of it. And it is very simple to do; you can remove the deck in a few minutes.

In short, I am strongly recommending the Kubota zero turn lawn mower not only because of its superior qualities that made life easier for me but also I happily see that my family started to enjoy the lawn mowing activity and they want to move the garden from time to time by themselves because they can easily drive this mower and get perfect results. Our garden looks fantastic now!

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